FlocSens – a clear picture of your flocs!

Our photo-optical sensor for assessing floc properties

So far, there has been no method available for the reliable assessment of flocculated particle systems. The monitoring and control of dewatering processes through assessment of the flocs was thus not feasible. On the other hand, the quality of the dewatering properties in a flocculated system can only be evaluated using the floc image prior to dewatering.

Our solution :

We have developed the new FlocSens photo-optical online process based on a CCD camera. FlocSens evaluates the flocs according to empirical data.
The sensor data gives specific information on the following variables, among others:

  • Floc size distribution and changes
  • Shear stability of the flocs
  • Effectiveness of flocculation agents
  • The estimated dewatering properties of the conditioned sludge
Lab FlocSens
Screen FlocSens

FlocSens is suitable both for stationary installation in pipelines and in laboratory applications. In laboratory applications, the floc size distribution or shear stability can be analysed depending on the flocculation agents used. A reproducible polymer screening can then be carried out.

The software can be freely parameterised and can thus be used for a wide range of flocculation processes. The adaptability of the flocculation sensor makes it into a universal tool for the characterisation of flocculation processes.

Comparing two floc types with measurement-based evaluation and the corresponding camera image:

a) poor dewatering properties  b) good dewatering properties

Bild Flocken

Poor dewatering properties

Good dewatering properties

The advantages:

  • Quick and reproducible statements on floc properties
  • Closed-loop control of your flocculation process (polymer admixture) via online measurement of flocs
  • Can be freely parameterised and adapted to your process

FlocSens is ideally suited to control the polymer conditioning of sewage sludge and optimising the dewatering process. When used in connection with FlocStiorr and FlocFormer, the separation performance can be increased further.
We would be happy to help if you have any questions.

Measurement of the flocs during the process means that the quality can be monitored continuously in the dewatering plant. The values allow the upstream admixture of flocculation agents to be regulated, the addition of polymers to be minimised in the FlocFormer settings and the downstream mechanical separation to be optimised.