ConcreteClean – mobile dewatering system for the quick, efficient disposal of concrete and drill cuttings

Use of the ConcreteClean mobile dewatering system at the site:

The ConcreteClean system separates concrete sediment and water cleanly, with quality control taking place using installed measurement sensors (option). The principal of best practice has proven itself many times over. With the ConcreteClean system, the dry solid quantity of the concrete sediment to be removed is increased to approximately 25%, meaning the disposal quantity is reduced accordingly to around 20%. The disposal costs are then also reduced to 20%. A key advantage of the system is its compact design. With a required floor space of around 20 m² (including a small sediment container), it can be easily positioned in a small space next to the working point. Transportation of the sediment is reduced to only a few trips. For example, only one tanker movement is now required where five were required before. The overall duration of the building site and floor loads on the property are reduced. The system is designed for max. 20 m3/h.

The ConcreteClean Container:

ConcreteClean ConcreteClean

The performance data:

The perfomance data of the ConcreteClean
Maximum water capacity :        20 m3/h
Maximum solid discharge:        10 t/h
A wide spectrum of sediment applications
can then be covered. With the water and
sludge being discharged from the container
through the standard connection.

The process plant on the ConcreteClean
15-foot standard container
Length             4,5 m
Width               2,2 m
Height              2,3 m
Weight           max. 4 t
Optional    fold-out or telescopic feet
Special designs on request.

The advantages at a glance:

– Space for skips and pumps is saved
– The cleaned water can be reused or discharged directly into the sewage system or local environment
– Disposal costs are reduced as only the separated solids have to be disposed of without the large volumes of water
– The cutting mixture is treated so that
– drier solids and
– clean water
are produced


As the waste matter no longer has to be circulated, ConcreteClean offers significant cost and time savings to the operators. The container with integrated treatment system can be transported easily from site to site using a lorry and positioned directly next to the working places.